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Change Management

Helping project teams negotiate successful change using effective models to
drive the process.

Building Teams

We can help you to consider how to structure for successful teams, ensuring that people are recognised.

Mandate Development

We are highly experienced in mandate creation with over 30 years experience.

How we achieve results

Some of our services

Analyzing long term goals and values. Identifying key performance indicators and identifying where change needs to occur.

bax&max plan the steps to continually push your business in the right direction.
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As complexity increases it becomes very important to focus on developing the structure. It becomes vital that the organisation put its focus on building teams, in order to succeed.

bax&max can help with building a specific custom or regimen for your organization, taking all your requirements into mind.
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Focusing on individuals and teams, to structure an approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly implemented.

So that the lasting benefits of change are achieved.
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In a multinational environment, many subsidiaries can find it difficult to develop their mandate as every evolution is managed technically.

We are particularly well placed to offer advice and mentoring to management teams who are facing this challenge.
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Educating teams for the long lasting changes. Allowing for organizational evolution by linking to employee career planning.

We use tools aimed at em- powering teams in their decision making.
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bax&max can help to negotiate some of the difficulties of funding, sometimes partnering with developing companies to help generate successful outcomes.

With many years of experience on board, we can help developing companies make good decisions in strategy and governance. We can also assist in the selling and negotiation process with experienced support to lean on.
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Career planning is a vital part of that engagement process. Programs can be defined to your specific needs using our best practices.

We build a bespoke model to the benefit of your business.
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As the project plan is being executed with timelines and milestones, reflecting progress towards the agreed goal, we can adjust our involvement to your needs.

But the goal is to leave your organisation in a better place and capable of dealing with similar issues.
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